man starring


6 thoughts on “13

  1. This reminds me so much of the time I used to spend in public transportation in Bucharest, toooo much time of my life! Lovely capture!

  2. Love that they’re all in black and white – very dramatic. Do the people ever look at you when you’re taking their photos? As in, if you’re being a bit sneaky, and you take someone’s photo, do you just smile at them? Or do you ask people? 🙂

    • i try to be as sneaky as possible . I don’t want to spoil the mood they’re in. But most of time they see me and my big d90 or f90x… But as always i try to move from my shoot point so they don’t interact with me. Sometimes they ask me what I am doing and then i speak to them and explain. Most of them become curious about it.

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