beautifull girl dreaming in a tram


One thought on “4

  1. searching for a memory given
    only by time and luck
    and i don’t want to be out of this
    luck right now, right now i
    am standing here searching
    for a hope, an assurance even
    of something so mundane, i

    know, but still I look at the post
    because i’m really seeing something
    else in my mind, an image of two;
    that sight of us together, instead
    of her and you, and i see you too,
    believe me,

    though to me it’s really just an image
    of you
    frozen in my mind like that ice, you,
    beyond the window—my eyes,
    my eyes are frozen onto snow;
    like white, I am so mundane,
    searching for something to be
    while i stand.

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